Question: Bouganvillea

I am writing to you from Monza (MI) to ask you for help
In May last year I placed about one meter in height on the bougainvillea terrace which I made to climb on special supports. The plants grew luxuriantly and during the winter I covered both the roots and the aerial part with thick plastic. transparent.
When at the beginning of March I removed the cover I found that the leaves were dried so I removed them all and I proceeded to prune the plants by about 20 cm.
Unfortunately, to date, the new leaves have not yet emerged even though the plants appear to be viable (I have scratched the stems and the interior is green). I do not know what to think?
I await your kind reply as soon as possible

Bugainvillea: Answer: Bouganvillea

Dearest Maria,
We thank you for contacting us regarding the request for information on your plant through the Expert's address book.
Bougainvillea (Bouganvillea Spectabilis) is a bushy - climbing plant native to the South American countries and is a member of the Nyctaginaceae family.
The real flowers are actually tiny, but they are very showy because they are surrounded by large pink to lilac or purple bracts, and are usually grouped in large panicles.
The flowering usually takes place from June to September, but the time can anticipate considerably in the warmer climates.
The Bougainvillea is usually cultivated in pots because it can be put on the balcony-terrace in the warm months and then stored indoors during the winter. In colder climates (as in your case) it is good to transfer it to very bright environments that maintain an adequate temperature, or create the conditions indicated by putting in place of the plastic sheet a green shading sheet that also protects from the wind and that you can find at a garden in his area.
With regard to pruning, the normal techniques in February provide for the cutting of the weakest branches, the shortening of the main branches by about 1/3 and the thinning of the branches to facilitate the formation of the 1-year shoots that will bring the new flowers and then the his intervention was appropriate.
Yours sincerely.