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Question: Stephanotis

I bought a STEPHANOTIS last year I put it in a very large vase
in an area NOT exposed 24 hours a day to the sun (I live in Catania) but for about a month the leaves are starting to turn yellow and fall, I think it's dying. My suspicion is that during the winter it took a lot of water and little sun. what can I do please answer me as soon as possible, thank you

Stephanotis: Answer: Stephanotis

Dear Rossella,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions
Stephanotis via the Expert's column in
The Stephanotis or jasmine from Madagascar, well known for its waxy and fragrant white bell-shaped flowers that bloom between May and October, with oblong, curious, dark green oval leaves. It is a plant not easy to cultivate, it requires abundant light and accurate wetting, especially in winter, when excess water can be fatal to it. At home, it can be made to climb on a rod or around a bow and it will grow well near a large and bright window.
The problem that your plant presents is surely due to the scarce luminosity of the place in which it has positioned the Stephanotis in this winter period, being a plant that does not tolerate darkness, therefore we advise you to place the plant in a sunny place if possible even at outside, however, having the foresight to choose a place where in summer it does not beat the sun in the hottest hours. Also important are the waterings that in the summer must be carried out 2-3 times a week while in winter only one
time and with warm water.
Yours sincerely.