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Question: Gardenia

I bought a gardenia plant.
I wanted to know, as a courtesy, how to treat it, where to keep it, whether at home or outside, the type of exposure to light, the type of soil, the fertilizers, the pruning, the optimal temperature ... in short: everything!

Gardenia: Question: Gardenia

Dear Francesco,
Thank you for contacting us about the cultivation of Gardenia through the Expert's section of
The Gardenia belongs to the Rubiacee family with Chinese origins. It is an evergreen plant with glossy green leaves that produces white fragrant flowers.
In order to grow well, it needs acidic, medium-moist soil, medium lighting, a humid atmosphere and cannot stand the cold.
For this reason, it can be cultivated in soil only in warm climates, while it is preferable to transfer it to sheltered places in cold climate winters.
It is subject to various parasitic and environmental pathologies such as those deriving from exposure to cold or to intolerance to soils and calcareous waters but it is also affected by dryness and dryness.
Among parasitic diseases, fungal diseases such as spots and molds on leaves are fearsome, while among the main insects, there are aphids and aleurodids or white flies.
Pruning is to be done after flowering, shortening the branches of adult plants by two thirds. During the summer the tips of the branches of young plants are trimmed, to encourage thickening.
Yours sincerely.