Question: Apricot

I have grown an apricot tree that has flowered this year, but the flowers fall and there are no fruits. I would like to know why. My name is Enzo Morino and my e-mail is
[email protected]
Thanking you, kind regards.

Apricot tree: Answer: Apricot tree

Dear Enzo,
we thank you for addressing us regarding your problem regarding your problem with your Albicocco plants through the "" expert's column.
Apricot (Prunus Armeniaca) is a plant native to China, cultivated in Italy to obtain fragrant and tasty fruits. The plant reaches heights of up to 5-7 meters, with globose foliage, oval-shaped green leaves and white flowers with a pink outline. Flowering takes place in March, therefore exposed to damage from late frosts. The fruits are globose yellow-orange drupes, which ripen from May to July depending on the variety. The first fruits are obtained after 3-4 years from planting, while the maximum age that the plant can reach is 35-45 years.
Fertilization is very important, given that the plant has a strong demand for nutrients to support the development of leaves, shoots and fruits.
Precisely for this reason the problem concerning the early fall of flowers, in the absence of parasitic attacks, is to be considered linked to nutritional or thermal imbalances.
Along with this consideration, it should also be noted that since your cultivation is in pot, the soil may also have exhausted all reserves.
Yours sincerely.