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Question: Apple-tree grafting

sorry for my crazy question!
since both species are of the same family, is it possible to graft a pear tree on an apple tree?
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Apple tree graft: Answer: Pear tree-apple tree

Dear Daniele,
Thank you for contacting us about the questions on the grafts, via the "" expert's column.
Pero (Pyrus comunis) belongs to the Rosaceae family, and is an arboreal plant of great importance cultivated in various Italian areas, which is believed to originate from Asia.
It is of the same family as MELO (Malus Comunis) but it is a different genus (PYRUS and MALUS), which limits its pollination between these 2 plants.
Normally the pear, in the cultivated version P. comunis Sativa, has various species both wild and ornamental, in addition to the western and eastern subspecies.
The grafting is preferably done on selected pear trees (frank graft bear) or on COTOGNO selections (Cydonia Oblunga - Fam. Rosacee) such as Cotogno C or the famous BA 29.
From this premise it is clear that even if it is not done normally, at an amateur level it is potentially possible to make grafts between apple and pear.
It remains to be verified that there is no disaffinity between the various species given that also in the pear tree, for example. Kaiser and William cannot be grafted with the Quince. In these cases an intermediate is used such as the variety Passa Crassana.