Wrinkle-resistant plants

Question: Wrinkle-resistant plants

First of all, good morning,
I am writing to ask you for advice.
I would like to plant 2 or 3 tall trees in my garden that reach a size of a few meters in height and a suitable rubusness over 2, 3 years, and that have a foliar apparatus resistant to the summer attack of wrinkles. The same foliar apparatus should however guarantee a certain shade.
I live in the lower Po valley, in the province of Mantua.
RengraziandoFor you now the attention reserved for me, I take this opportunity to send you my best regards.

Wrinkle-resistant plants: Answer: Wrinkle-resistant plants

Dear Achille,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions about the plants to be placed in the garden, through the expert's address book.
The study and research of the plants to be placed in a garden where they must be done in order to satisfy our aesthetic taste, perform an ornamental function and that are easy to maintain.
The choice is a bit difficult if we have limitations of "type of plants" and environmental conditions: summer and winter temperatures, the presence of pests (wrinkles) create in a short time a good shading environment.
Among the plants that have a good shading capacity in limited time we point out:
· Robinia
· Lime tree
· Catalpa
· Maples (A. Dealbata is the mimosa)
· Prunus
We remind you that it is always necessary to prune to give a preferred shape, facilitating its development and fertilizing the plants adequately to allow good growth and to protect them in winter with sheets or shelters.
In any case, the best advice is to contact an experienced nurseryman in the area who has a beautiful catalog of plants that grow well in his reality and that are not subject to many diseases.