Lawn aeration


The common lawn, the one cultivated with grasses, consists of innumerable small perennial ground cover plants, which grow close to each other; among them fall leaves, debris, clippings, which over the months constitute a thick layer, called felt. This layer of decomposing vegetable products creates over time a real barrier, difficult to be crossed by water and mineral salts brought from outside.
It would therefore be better to remove this layer of debris periodically, to allow the turf to develop at its best; this cleaning operation is called aeration, and is generally practiced at the end of winter, in order to prepare the lawn for the beautiful season; the aeration is practiced above all in conjunction with the re-seeding of the lawn, also because otherwise the new seeds should fall into the felt and not into the ground, and therefore tend to develop in a non-optimal way.

Lawn aeration: ventilate lawn

The lawn felt can be of different nature: if the lawn has never been ventilated the layer can also be thick and well anchored to the turf plants, to constitute almost a fabric. In felt cases not particularly thick or when the lawn is of limited motion size the aeration is practiced using a special rake; it is a large rake, with sharp, elongated, cylindrical and very well spaced teeth; in this way, leaning it against the ground, it will tend to sink into the lawn, firmly anchoring itself to the layer of debris, which will then be easily brought to the surface.
In the case of very compact felt, or even when the extension to be ventilated is large, we can use special equipment, called aerators: these are machines with petrol or electric engines, equipped with a roller on which are fixed some long points, which comb the turf, lifting the felt.
Once we have passed all the turf with the spreader or rake we will see the felt on the surface; let's remove it using a common rake.
In addition to aeration, once a year it would also be good to scarify the turf, or remove the felt and break up the soil between the grass sods, so as to allow a better development of the grass root system; this operation is carried out with a special machine, which instead of combing the lawn like a ventilator, is equipped with sharp blades, which also go to cut the ground deep enough. Even after scarification, remove all the debris on the turf using a common rake.