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Hatiora salicornioides


epiphytic cactus native to Brazil. It has thin cylindrical stems, divided into numerous segments, erect or slightly arched, completely without thorns, light green in color, very branched; in nature they can grow to heights of over one meter, generally in the container they reach 50-60 cm in height and width. In spring at the apex of the stems small golden-yellow flowers bloom, sometimes followed by fruits, containing numerous seeds. These cacti are fairly easy to cultivate and are suitable for cultivation in hanging baskets, such as rhipsalis, schlumbergere and rhipsalidopsis, with which they divide the habit, but not the spectacular blooms; in fact some species of rhipsalis were once part of the hatiora genus.

It takes place by seed, in spring, or by cuttings; the portions of stem root with great ease.Hatiora salicornioides: Pests and diseases

The cochineal nestles near the knots of the stems.