Fat plants

Adromischus cooperii


Originally from southern Africa. The genus Adromiscus includes about fifty species of succulent plants.
They form small ground coverings, consisting of rosettes of leaves 4-8 cm long, oval, very fleshy and thick, which widen upwards; they are light green, or greyish-green, with silver spots. Often the outer edge of the leaves appears slightly wavy. In late spring they produce a long thin, semi-woody stem, which bears some bell-shaped flowers, white or pink, with slightly fleshy petals.


they prefer bright locations, even sunny for a few hours a day; in spring and summer they can be taken outdoors, but during the cold season they need temperatures above 10 ° C, so they are kept in a tempered greenhouse or at home.


from March to October water regularly, when the soil is well dry; during the cold season it is watered sporadically, the specimens cultivated at 10-12 ° C can also be left with completely dry soil until spring. In the vegetative season, provide fertilizer for succulent plants, every 15-20 days, mixed with the water used for watering.


it can be reproduced by dividing the clumps in spring or by cutting leaf. Remove a young leaf by cutting it with a knife, let the wound dry for a day in a warm environment, then place the cutting in a jar filled with a paper mixture. When new leaves sprout, the plant can be repotted.


it is useful to prepare an excellent drainage. Universal potting soil is used with a little sand.

Pests and diseases

the leaves are attacked by scale insects. A fungus causes the dryness, which causes dry brown spots, which can cause the leaves to fall: it is necessary to burn all the affected leaves. Base rot affects plants grown in cold and wet conditions.

Adromischus cooperii: Varieties

A. Cooperi with small gray-green speckled leaves of purple, with a flattened and wavy edge. The flowers are light purple in the middle. The other variety is the
A. Maculatus
Stem: with time it becomes swollen; it has a ground cover and does not exceed ten centimeters in height.
The leaves: are gray-green, with a waxy and purple-stained end. They have a heart shape and wavy edge.
The flowers: they are white or purple.